Article Submission


City of Corona Inner Circle Article Submission Policy

The City of Corona’s communication outlets including but not limited to, the,, Inner Circle E-Newsletters, and various social media outlets are to be used primarily to communicate City news and information to its residents.

In addition to promoting City news, events, etc. the City’s Community Information Division can assist in promoting local non-profit news and events that are occurring within the City of Corona.

In order for local non-profits to receive promotion on the City’s or onto the City’s social media sites, the following must be received by the Community Information Division.

  • Article in paragraph format regarding the event
    • Approximately 250-550 words in length
    • Describe who, what, when, where, why, and how the community can get involved
    • Please include any contact information and links on how to participate
    • Microsoft Word Document format preferred
  • Logo or Graphic to accompany article


Please submit all necessary components above to the Community Information Division at least one to two weeks out from when you want it published. It is best to provide information to us about a month before your event, that way it can receive a minimum of 2-3 weeks of promotion. The earlier you send in information, the more promotional time your event will receive.

To submit, please email or call the Community Information Division at 951-739-4949 with any questions.


The content of the Inner Circle Newsletter remains primarily for City News, however in the instance that there is extra space available due to a lack of items for publication; Non-Profit news may be added at the discretion of the Community Information Division staff.

*All submissions will be reviewed and published at the discretion of the Community Information Division staff.