Adopt your Game Day Pal!

Your game day pal is waiting! The City of Corona’s Animal Shelter dogs and cats are ready to celebrate March Madness with YOU! Now’s the perfect time to find your perfect companion for the tournament! Don’t wait for the Elite Eight or the Final Four to find your new four-legged friend.

Here are 5 reasons pets are the perfect “Game-Winning” companions:
1. A pet always thinks you are Division I, no matter what!
2. A pet will never win the office pool.
3. A pet won’t hog the remote or switch the channel to The Bachelor.
4. A pet thinks he looks best in your team’s colors.
5. A pet won’t judge you if you cry when your team is eliminated.

Check out the Corona Animal Shelter to find your perfect pet! March 8-11, 2017, the Corona Animal Shelter will help you find your perfect pal by offering dogs and cats available for adoption for only $20, which includes the spay & neuter costs. Normal dog licensing and microchip fees still apply.
For more information, please call 951-736-2309 or visit the Corona Animal Shelter (Map). You can also check out adoptable dogs and adoptable cats online at or by downloading the City of Corona Mobile App.