Bee Thrifty

Have you got some old designer clothes? Did your kids just outgrow everything they own, but you hate to throw it all away? Scope out your local Corona thrift store and discover the benefits of beeing thrifty!

Clothing donation: Even if you’re not interested in buying second hand, donating helps your community. There are plenty of people who can, and will, take great value from your gently used items: kids who need school clothes, a college senior with a job interview, or the newlyweds looking for affordable housewares. Also, you’ll receive a tax deductible receipt.

Clothing consignment: Similar to donation, except you can make money back from the item’s sale. When you visit a consignment store they take your information and notify you if your garment sells within X days; otherwise you’re given the option to either take your garment home or donate. It’s especially great for used Bridal-wear.

Environment: The average American throws away approx. 1,400 pounds of trash per year; it sits in landfills and doesn’t do anybody any good. Thrifting is the easiest way clothes can be recycled. Not only are you benefitting your community, you’re benefitting the earth!

Savings: You can save hundreds of dollars, and shop for items for ANY season or occasion.

If you’ve never thrifted before, here are some tips!

  1. Start small: When you go to a thrift store, keep an idea in mind of what you’re looking for. You might not be able to find your exact item, but maintaining a range is a good idea. For example: Red shirt, casual or Dress Purse, any color.
  2. Stick to your budget: Again, when you’re starting out, stay small. Try taking about $20. When you’re looking at those red shirts, don’t spend more above $5.00 if you want more than 2 items.
  3. Don’t buy it unless you love it: Thrift stores are so inexpensive, it’s easy to get excited and grab everything you only sort of like. Then you’re stuck with all kinds of clutter filling up your house. Remind yourself: Where will I wear this? Or: Does this match my home’s décor?
  4. Keep your eyes & mind open: You never know when you’re going to stumble across a real treasure. It might be a vintage picture frame, or a barely worn leather jacket. Thrift stores can surprise you with a really great deal on something you’ll love for a long time.

Local Resources

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