Child Endangerment/Illegal Dumping Investigation Ends In Arrests

On March 6, 2017 the Corona Police Department received information through social media avenues that there were two uploaded YouTube videos that depicted dangerous driving behavior involving children. The two videos showed a family filling the back of a white Dodge pick-up truck with Orbeez, which are a gel type material that absorbs water and swells 100- 300 times its original volume. The videos show the truck bed of the Dodge filled with water and Orbeez, with a young child and an adult, lying in the bed of the Dodge as it is driving through heavy traffic on roadways throughout the City of Corona. Additionally, after the family was done with the Orbeez material, they dumped all of it on Rimpau Avenue near Erick Street, creating a dangerous roadway condition for motorists.

Members of the Corona Police Department traffic bureau reviewed the two videos in detail, and ultimately were able to identify the responsible parties. At the time of the investigation, the material was still on the roadway, and it had spilled into the sewer drains. The city Department of Water and Power was notified, and they responded for an extensive clean-up of the area on Rimpau Avenue. At the conclusion of the investigation, Holly Piazza (45 years of Corona), and Brian Chase (37 years of Corona), were both arrested for misdemeanor child endangerment of an eight-year-old child. Holly Piazza was also issued a traffic citation for illegally dumping materials upon the roadway. Both Holly Piazza and Brian Chase will also be accountable for the cost of the clean-up of the city roadways.

If you have any information about this investigation, please contact Officer Clark Eveland at (951) 817- 5764 or email