Christmas Miracle in March: Boy finds lost wallet in an unexpected place

On a busy day while doing some Christmas shopping with his Family at Dos Lagos in Corona, 8-year-old  Royce Sanchez lost his wallet which held over $100 in it which he intended to spend on Christmas gifts as well as a Toys R us gift card, Target gift card, and most importantly his lucky $2 bill his daddy gave to him. The family hadn’t realized the wallet was missing until nearly a week later when they tried their best to backtrack their activities and called around to stores to no avail. Royce was devastated as he was saving his money for Christmas gifts, but he looked at it as a learning opportunity to better keep track of his belongings.

It wasn’t until nearly three months later that the Sanchez family returned to local restaurant Thai Lotus at the Shops at Dos Lagos for dinner which happened to be the same place they ate the night he lost his wallet.

Upon arrival, the waitress Angie approached the family with excitement as she told them, “I have your son’s wallet, we’ve been saving it hoping you’d come back!” Every dollar, gift card, and Royce’s lucky $2 bill were all accounted for.

The family couldn’t be more thrilled to find such kindness from a local restaurant and so they returned this week to bring Angie a bouquet of flowers to show their appreciation of such kindness in our Corona Community.