Citrus Circle Apartments to Come to Corona

 citrus circle apts

Plans for a new low income housing development to be built in Corona were discussed on the morning of January 9th at an Infrastructure Committee meeting in the City Council board room at Corona City Hall.

Council Member Eugene Montanez called the meeting to order and Joanne Coletta opened the discussion on a proposal to construct Citrus Circle Apartments, an affordable housing project consisting of 42 new multi-family units and 19 refurbished multi-family units located on the east side of Buena Vista Avenue and south of the State Route 91 in Corona [MAP].

For the project to move forward 2 variances will have to be approved against local zoning requirements for the property.

The first variance has to do with the setback of the development from the street.  According to local zoning codes the distance should be a minimum of 25 feet, however the developer is requesting it be reduced to 6-8 feet in order to make enough expansion room for the parking lot for the development.

The second variance would be to lower the density of parking spaces per unit. The housing project would house a total of 61 units made up of 14 one-bedroom, 28 two-bedroom, and 19 three-bedroom units with 111 parking spaces. That is approximately 25 parking spaces less than original zoning requirements allow for a market rate development.

Developer Barry Cottle stated that low income families are typically one-car households and that 111 parking spaces should not be a problem in this type of housing project. City Council Member Dick Haley objected, “That’s in a Utopian world, I’m concerned about the parking. What about families whose kids decide to move back home?” said Haley.

“In the management of our properties we are very fair but very strict,” said Cottle. “When it comes to income levels we make sure to count the income of every individual in the household of the qualifying families.”

citrus circle apts overviwWith concerns regarding the upkeep of low income housing as was mentioned by Haley later in the meeting, The client responded “We take pride in our properties, anyone who drives by will not know it’s low income by its appearance,” said Cottle. “Our property will be up to par with market level apartments.”

Due to a combination of federal, state and local funding the Citrus Circle Apartments project is targeting to provide record-low rent.

“A bunch of stars lined up,” said Darrell Talbert, Administrative Services Director for the City of Corona. “The City of Corona is going to be one of the first in California with the ability to offer low-income housing this low.”

Developments like Citrus Circle Apartments and other projects around the City of Corona is evidence that developers are choosing to build again and the economy is moving in a forward direction.

For more information and to stay updated with future developments regarding this project it will be further discussed at the Planning Commission meeting on Feb. 11, at 6 p.m. and again at the City Council meeting on Feb. 20 at 6 p.m. at Corona City Hall [MAP].