Corona Youth Basketball is a Slam Dunk

The final buzzer sounded on Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 ending another successful season of the City of Corona’s Youth Basketball program. For nearly four months, players ranging in ages 6 to 14 years old practiced, trained, worked hard, and applied their skills in exciting games that culminated in a single-elimination playoff series.

City of Corona- Youth Basketball 16-17 Blue Devils- Div. C

The Youth Basketball program consisted of four divisions divided by age and a Challengers division for those with special needs. Teams were led by dedicated volunteer coaches who gave their time and love of the game to inspire their players. The progression of the players’ skills and the camaraderie of teams was evident throughout the season.

City of Corona Youth Basketball 16-17 Arizona Wildcats- Div. B

Special recognition goes out to the teams who won their respective divisions.  Representing the C Division (ages 8-9 years), Coach Jonathan Jackson led his Duke Blue Devils to victory against a field of talented teams. In B Division (ages 10-11 years), Coach Alonzo Woolridge guided the Arizona Wildcats to the win in a tough playoff battle that displayed their athleticism against competitive opponents. Coach Paul Hale and his Connecticut Huskies emerged as champions in the A Division (ages 12-14 years) through great displays of teamwork, determination, and skillful plays during the season and throughout the playoffs.

City of Corona Youth Basketball 16-17 Connecticut Huskies- Div. A

The City’s Youth Basketball program is possible thanks to the dedication of players, parents, referees, and volunteer coaches, all of whom are All- Stars.

Thank you to all who participated and supported the program!