Emergency Drought Regulations

Recently, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) announced some emergency regulations regarding water use due to drought conditions in the state. Some of the regulations include fines of up to $500 for those who do not comply. The City of Corona is currently in our Stage 2 Water Conservation Alert, which has been in effect since 2009. We would like to thank all of our residents for doing their part over the past five years to conserve this precious resource – we are currently on target for meeting our 20% by 2020 water reduction goal.

20x2020 Street Banners-DRAFTBut there is still more that needs to be done while the State deals with its current water situation and future. We ask that you please continue to do your part to conserve our precious resource during this critical time, and also do a little more. Governor Brown has asked all Californians to cut back an additional 20% on their water use. To learn how you can help, please read and comply with the current Stage 2 conditions below and contact our Water Resources Team at 951-736-2234 or by e-mail at StopTheDrop@discovercorona.com if you have any questions.

Stage 2 Water Conservation Alert:

  • These actions are prohibited:
    • Watering between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
    • Allowing water to runoff property
    • Using water to wash down hard surfaces
  • Leaks and broken sprinklers must be fixed in a timely manner.
  • Watering Guidelines:
    • Odd-numbered addresses can water on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.
    • Even-numbered addresses can water on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
    • Sprinklers are limited to 20 minute run times per station.
    • Watering on Fridays is prohibited; however, a government agency may water three days per week of the agency’s choosing, only between the hours of 8 p.m. and 10 a.m.
  • Washing vehicles is permitted with a bucket and hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle.
  • Food establishments are prohibited from providing drinking water to patrons unless requested.

For questions or information about rebates and programs offered, please contact us or visit our website at www.coronadwp.org. We offer a variety of programs to help you reduce your water use – and your water bill. Rebates, free water efficient devices, and even one-on-one irrigation help from a Water Resource Team member are just a few of the programs available to our community. Please contact the Water Resources Team at 951- 736-2234 for information on these programs.

Thank you, Corona!