First of Its Kind Transparency Portal Invites Public Feedback on Fiscal Decision Making

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017 at a City Council Study Session the City of Corona announced the creation of a transparency portal to welcome community input on its fiscal decision making.

Like many municipalities across the state, Corona has arrived at a financial crossroads where operating and pension costs continue to increase, while revenues have not kept up.

Under direction of the City Manager, a team of staff members created a portal, Charting Our Path, on the City’s main website to encourage residents to participate in the process toward a fiscally sustainable future.

Charting Our Path, at, includes a process where ideas can be submitted on creating additional revenue or cutting costs. When ideas are received they will be logged, then staff will conduct research and analysis on the proposals. Once analysis is complete the City Manager will provide a recommendation to the City Council who will then provide policy direction for the City.

The concept of the transparency portal is to put all fiscal decisions for potential new revenue or cuts to service on the table. The goal is to include the community in the decision-making process so that residents can see the budget impact, legality, possible impact to services, alignment with community priorities, and the possible return on investment of each possible action prior to decisions being made.

“It is of utmost importance to us that we welcome the community into the decision-making process,” said City Manager Darrell Talbert. “We look forward to input and ideas because ultimately, these fiscal decisions will affect all of us.”