Summer Music Lessons with Fender Center for the Performing Arts

It’s never too late to learn something new, which is why the Fender Center for the Performing Arts has a wide range of music classes for all ages.  Why let the kids have all the fun?

New classes are starting for all ages to experience and make music.  All classes are hands-on.  Fender Center for the Performing Arts has instruments for all the students in a group lesson or you can schedule a private lesson at your convenience.  Adult piano and guitar classes are open to allFender Center for the Performing Arts Music Classes levels.

The week of July 11 they kick off their summer session of beginning, intermediate, and advanced instrument and vocal lessons, Rock Startz (beginning rock band classes), introductory classes for 5 and 6-year-olds, group classes for ages 7 to 17, and adult classes to feed your inner rock star.  For children that don’t know which instrument to choose, there is Music Startz, an introduction to all the instruments taught here in Corona.

Music touches all education’s disciplines; the science of acoustics and the fractions of timing; most music terms are in French or Italian and the symbols on the score are not English but a well-defined foreign language that translates to the physical placement of fingers, hands, arms, even lips in a sequence that translates the technique into the language of emotion and artistic impression.  On top of that, listening and team skills kids can develop make them even better students in school.  You can’t find a more well-rounded activity for your child than learning to make music.

Maybe you want to join a band.  Kids Rock Free bands perform all over Southern California at stadiums, fairs, theatres, and businesses for appreciative audiences.  Check them out at Corona’s free evening Concerts on the Green on August 4.

Watch Facebook and our website for a new program to start in the fall, Sing & Sign with Me.  This parent-child interactive class incorporates music in the learning of American Sign Language for infants and toddlers, great opportunities for bonding with children.

Learn More:

See our beginning class times or register at  Call for more information and to sign up today, 951-735-2440.