Where to Eat in Corona for Salads

It seems summer is the time when I always get asked “Where’s a great spot for a good salad?” So, for this week’s Foodie Friday we will be highlighting refreshing salads! We chose three of our favorite spots to get a tasty meal that won’t weigh you down.

mi tortillaFor my first stop I went to Mi Tortilla [MAP] which became a weekly go-to for me, not only for their salads, but also because of the endless self-serve chips and salsa bar, their Tijuana tacos, and several other great menu items.  As far as their salads go, Mexico City Salad is my favorite. It comes with a bowl full of crisp romaine lettuce, then doused with a black bean and corn pico de gallo, tortilla strips, grilled chicken breast and their signature cilantro ranch dressing. There is also an option to have marinated shredded chicken instead of the grilled chicken strips the salad originally comes with; both are extremely flavorful but the shredded chicken is a little juicier! The cilantro ranch dressing is not too overwhelming, but has a great creamy taste. As I mentioned earlier, they have an endless chips and salsa bar which makes for an easy way to add some spice to your salad as well if you want, I usually add a splash of the verde salsa for extra flavor. This salad is delicious, filling, and very reasonably priced at only about $6.

twisted gourmetThe second stop on our salad venture this week was to Twisted Gourmet! This family owned jewel of corona recently moved from its prior location on the corner of Main and Ontario to its current location off Hidden Valley [MAP].   Twisted Gourmet is known for its salads, pastas, and pizza pies. It’s definitely evident that salad is not just an afterthought there, but each one is a thought out- specially crafted menu item.  I went ahead and ordered one of my favorites, the Love Potion Salad. Fresh crisp bed of Romaine lettuce was tossed with gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries, and a creamy light dressing that was sure not to weigh down the salad and then topped with thinly sliced smoked chicken breast and fresh tomato. The smoked chicken was packed full of flavor and everything about this salad satisfied every taste bud. The sweetness from the cranberries contrasting the rich gorgonzola cheese was fantastic.  When we ordered a Love Potion the waitress asked if we wanted the salad or pie, so we went ahead and got both to give this pair a try. The pizza version of Love Potion was sure to make any new patron fall in love with this place!

WoodranchFor my final salad stop this week, I went to a personal favorite, Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill at the Shops at Dos Lagos [MAP]. For most when they think Wood Ranch you think Ribs, but when I think Wood Ranch I think of their BBQ Chopped Salad, which I cannot get enough of. First off, your meal starts with delicious house rolls that are fresh, warm, and garlic-y (make sure you have an after dinner mint handy). Now as for this salad, it comes with mixed chopped greens, roasted white corn that is literally cut right off the cob, black beans, tortilla strips, Monterey jack cheese, scallions, cilantro, tomatoes, and all tossed in ranch dressing and BBQ sauce. You have an option to have either BBQ chicken breast, Portobello mushrooms, BBQ pulled pork, tri tip, or grilled salmon. Today I chose the chicken breast, but the Wood Ranch tri tip is also fantastic with this salad. One of my favorite things about this salad is that it is served nice and chilled, which makes it especially refreshing. The BBQ sauce is pretty sweet and nicely contrasted by the tanginess of the Ranch Dressing. If you don’t like to be overwhelmed by dressing on your salad you may want to ask for it on the side, as they toss this in a pretty decent amount of BBQ sauce and ranch dressing.  You also have the option to add Avocado for another perfect addition to this flavorful meal.

Now salad lovers, where are your favorite spots in Corona for a good salad?